The Church of Hellcake

The Black Bible

Welcome to The Church/Cult of HellCake (HK), an extension of The Church of Nim. Have you ever wondered whose invisible god is the real invisible god? Or what supernatural forces are, specifically, at work when your socks seemingly vanish from The Known Universe? Have you ever pondered the meaning of life while watching the sunset or while blowing a stranger in a public restroom? If so, then you may have come to the right place.



The Almighty Lists

The Gospel

Being a human, like so many animals, is being both an emotional being and a cognitive being. These two aspects can crumble at each others feet. They can claw and tear at each other until they both hate themselves. It's the displeasure of cognitive dissosance. And the natural cure is... self-deception. But you won't find any of that here.

  1. The Selected Animal - Your friendly neighborhood serial killer. Flirts with madness. Animal: Grey Wolf.
  2. The Psychological Fistfuck - Vulgar. Obscene. Sexually Drunk. Animal: Mandrill Monkey.
  3. The Idol of Sin - Playmate. Sexually sadistic. Drinks from pleasure & pain. Animal: Black Panther.
  4. The Machine - Cold. Calculating. Distant. Method in madness. Animal: Great White Shark.
  5. The Black Tongue - Spite. Pain. Suffocation. Omega. Hatred is love and pain is salvation. Animal: Black Mamba.