The Black Tongue


You can keep on punishing the wicked. You can track down all traces of evil. You can keep fighting against the selfish, foul, and sinful. You can keep on killing all of the intolerant, self-righteous, selfish animals that layer filth upon filth. You can destroy all the monsters that fill your world, until there is nothing left to destroy, but yourself.

Saviors & Ashes

The angelic, the peaceful, the self-proclaimed good and loving, dress up their sins, anger, and hatred, like little fictitious dolls. They believe they have risen above it, but instead, they bathe and drown in it. The holy, divine, natural, chaste, classy, conservative, and other "morally-superior" beings are feeding their demons disgust and gossip. Their flavor of hatred is viewed as pristine from the mouths of the humble.

Heathens are evil. Disbelief in their god is evil. Hunters are evil. Consumption of an animal's flesh is evil. Hedonists are evil. Giving into lust is evil. Drugs are evil. Sodomy is evil. Atheists are evil. Homosexuality is evil. And evil must be judged. It must be punished.

Every tribe has justice, love, righteousness, morality and law on their side. Everyone is fighting for a greater, better, more magnificent world. Everyone is the good guy. Everyone is fighting against evil.

Deep down inside, masses and masses of these creatures are riding on hatred like white horses under a brilliant Sun. They cover up their hate with justice, just like they cover up their lust, their sexual filth, with church bells and marriage. They tie bows and ribbons on their hatred, and put it on display. It's gift wrapped and handed to the world like an act of kindness. It's washed, sterilized, and processed for the worlds consumption. They are not only harbingers of righteousness. Their hatred is divine.