The Psychological Fistfuck


Does some knowledge scare you? Have you ever felt dirty for believing in the truth? Has reality ever touched you in a naughty place? This is completely normal. As an animal, you are not psychologically equipped to deal with the truth/reality. Evolution is not a process that makes creatures like yourself, equipped to deal with reality on an emotional level.

You are disgusting. All animals are disgusting. You can put clothes on them and teach them to read and write. But they will still take shits, ejaculate, salivate, menstruate, swap spit, and spread their legs open for someone's meat and seed.

Proper Fuckery

Sex is such a big issue for animals. Fucking and killing each other is one of the very first things life learned to do. The human race, including their ancestors, have been fucking each other for millions of years now. And over that time, they have developed and continuously revised all these rules and standards for their primitive sloppy sex. They are so proper and civilized aren't they?

God invented sex. Priests invented marriage.


I mean... you can't go around killing and fucking without proper guidelines. In fact, here are some rules for sex to ensure you stay a proper lady and gentleman. Everyone needs a well-defined ruleset for playing with each others genitals in a way that says "I play with peoples genitals in a way that is morally superior to the way you play with peoples genitals".

  1. Avoid sluttery. A slut here is defined as someone who has been fucked by more than 4 individuals, as it should not take a full hand, or more than one hand, to count the number of penises that has been inside of you. Fucked, as defined here, is being penetrated with a penis, be you a man or a woman.
  2. When sucking dick, licking balls, eating cum, spreading eagle, and getting fucked in your buttcrack, it is of paramount importance to stay classy in these situations, by doing it in a non-slut manner. Do not wear slutty clothes beforehand, like a micro-skirt or booty shorts. Also, *gasp*, do not do it with more than 4 individuals (see: rule #1) to keep it Kosher.
  3. Avoid super-sluttery. If you become a slut, then you must remain mindful to not becoming an extra-slut. You still have one more hand to count on, praise Jesus! So if you're thinking about playing with someone else's genitals for the *first* time (tsk tsk), then you need to re-think your priorities in life and go back to one of the previous genitals that you've already played with. This will ensure that your genital playtime stays modest.
  4. Do not engage in anal with a slut. They have had multiple penises in butthole. Once you fuck them, you have shared the same butthole with multiple men. This makes your buttsex unclean.
  5. Do not engage in fuckery with someone below the age of 18, unless you are below the age of 18. When placing your dick inside of someone and filling them up with your cum, so they can dig it out with their sticky fingers and eat it like a dirty little fucking whore, it is of utmost importance, that the age of your genitals are genital-age-compatible. If in doubt, let a younger lad fuck and cum inside of them to keep things normal and moral.
  6. Do not engage in fuckery with a different species. Not all buttholes were created equal. However, you may avoid this rule if the other species can read and write. As of right now, dogs, cats, and all other animals on Earth can't read, so do not fuck them. The fact is, when putting your dick in a butthole, it is extremely important that the butthole is in some way or another, attached to a brain that can read. This is not debatable. Butthole fucking ethics is one of the most important topics addressed by humankind in todays modern world. This also applies to child brains, even the ones that can read.

Illusion Of Beauty

Beauty, sexiness, and cuteness are optical illusions. You think kittens are cute? You think a pile of bloody organs and shit encased in a bag of pink skin with thousands of strands of dead cells sprouting from it is cute? But a guy giving a guy a blow job, and sluts are gross right? Never mind the parasites on your eyebrows right now, you freak. Millions of parasites are feeding off of your body right now. The common and ordinary demodex folliculorum mite prefers your facial skin and eye lashes. It feeds off of you and lays its eggs on you. The INFESTATION is usually free of symptoms. You're lucky you don't have better eyesight you fucking ape.

Life is an abnormal growth that some planets get from time to time. It's not cute. You aren't any better than a slut, faggot, or crack whore. It's funny that sick little critters like yourselves actually whine and complain about such things, as if they were preaching the gospel truth. All of you are swimming in a sea of shit and complaining about each other farting.

If the human body's obscene, complain to the manufacturer, not me.

Larry Flynt (1942-), Creator of Hustler magazine

Prancing Freak Show Girl (letter)

Do you like to ride horses? I bet you do. And you probably would like the horses to be pink too, huh? With hearts tattooed all over their fury fucking asses. You want to ride them through vast grassy plains that look like a giant golf course, while rainbows, flowers and cupcakes dance ferociously in your little head. You want your insides to be continuously bathed and smothered in the frothy suds of pure benevolence. You want every last inch of your being to be thoroughly ravaged by the enveloping warmth of unending love and hope. You want the electro-chemical bliss of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin to dominate the buzzing neuro-pathways within your savage animal brain. You want all that's good in this world to course through your veins with the force of a nuclear reaction at ground zero. You want the love of God to be so small in comparison that your soul is sucked into him like air escaping into the vacuum of space. You fucking freak.

Catatonic Filth Bucket (letter)

You want to wake up in the morning with beams of sunshine nudging at your eyelids and nips of cold pinching at your feet. You want to slowly open up your eyes and feel the cold damp air of some strangers bedroom clinging to the moist skin of your clammy face. You want to glance down and see dirt on your ruffled socks, and dried up fluids covering your tender body with dark bruises dotting your used-up thighs.

You want to be palmed and restrained as your skin is continuously assaulted yet again, by the flinging of hot and nasty fluids splattering against it. You want all of your destroyed orifices to be ferociously filled up, thrashed, and bruised as sweaty meat claps and pounds together. You want to be fucked both physically and psychologically, as your raw and grueling insides become numb. You want to take it like a ripped up rag doll being passed around like a drugged up whore with less hope than a crippled mouse dangling in the jaws of a starving lion. You want all of the flesh and scum of the world to open you up and relentlessly force itself inside of you. You want to be so poisoned, sick and tainted, that anyone who empties themselves out between your filthy legs, will instantly be forsaken by whatever god they worshipped, without the slightest chance of forgiveness. You fucking whore.

My Heart

Say No to Drugs

That's not love I smell is it? Tsk tsk, you need to keep away from that stuff. As far as chemical reactions go... rum is safer than love. Love is dangerously addictive with tragic withdrawals... like heroin ;) You wouldn't do heroin, now would you?

The love birds bonds of love and joy usually end up going bad, so they begin to try and get away from each other... but can't, and so they come back. And so the back and forth dance of highs and lows begins. They become torn up druggies, love struck at a chemical level, they get slammed and hooked, they try to pull away but fall back, they start sacrificing pieces of themselves, they begin loosing control, eventually the bonds turn into chains and love becomes a destructive addiction. It lays in the pit of their soul like an enormous block of lead. They're almost never strong enough to lift it out. Instead they rely on the corrosion of time to eat away at it until they can toss it away like a stone.

Or so I hear... I just stick to rum myself. I like drugs, but I stay away from needles and love.

But I'm Special

The idea of common descent, evolution, really makes some humans piss themsleves. It's somewhat amusing to watch a system of atoms making fun of the idea that they are related to some other system of atoms. It's kind of like a plastic soldier scoffing at the idea that it is related to a plastic monkey. They're both plastic, they're both made out of the same thing as a plastic dildo. Human's don't have any pride to swallow in the first place.

Humans are created from the digested remains of animal carcasses among other things that were turned into the slop that we call vomit. It is their fuel source and what supplies them with matter to create their cells. Humans get half their DNA from another human's hairy nuts and blood engorged dick. Humans enter this world by squeezing out from in-between their mother's legs through her ripping pussy. Humans are made out of the same atomic particles as shit and herpes.

I am really sorry that a supernatural being didn't pull you out of a magical hat, and that you're related to other creatures that are made of atoms also. It's really sad I know. But nature isn't a fairy-tale, princess.

The Theory of Evolution explains a lot of things. What other idea is there floating around out there that can explain all the things evolution explains? The fossil record is a good example. Why are the remains of the first reptiles in older layers of Earth than those of birds and mammals? Do bones like to organize themselves into a hierarchy just for fun? Do bird fossils prefer to be in newer soil than the early reptilian fossils? Do bones move around and talk to each other when we're not looking?

This is where the conspiracy theories come in. Apparently people that like to dig up bones are under the control of atheists. By the time the human civilization was able to date soil, the atheists had already taken control of their fragile minds. The fossil record is a hoax, all of you can sleep easy now.