The Psychological Fistfuck


Please leave all personal items, such as lighters, wristbands and your god behind. Thank you.

You don't have a tele-pathetic link to a cosmic being. If you documented the life of your Universe, it would be a physics book, not a fucking story book with gods or angels or demons. This is Earth, not Narnia or Never Never Land, you're not 8 years old anymore, there are no monsters under your bed and there's no super mega demon that is out to get the human race. Earth and human civilization, is not a part of a magical beings master plan. It's actually, believe it or not, natural selection that is responsible for your smelly shit and asshole, urine, cum, internal organs, body odor, zits and the parasites that live on and inside of you. Surprise! And all this time you thought it was a super intelligent being that invented your pathetic existence.

The Real Holy Bible

Once upon a time, the savior of the unclean came down from Heaven above, and put clothes on the unworthy apes that roamed planet Earth. He put shoes on them and combed their hair. He taught them to read and write, and to hate all that they once were. But alas, they still took shits, ejaculated, salivated, and menstruated. They drank from each others mouths, licked each others genitals, and spread themsleves open for the worlds meat and seed. And so the savior rose back into the sky and forsake the land. The end. more

Try Some Faith

Faith is one of those things that people think is special because everyone keeps telling each other and themselves that it is. You always hear people say things like "You just need to have faith", or "All it takes is a little faith", and other very similar phrases. Being that faith pretty much means "to believe", I suppose they are right in saying that you need it to believe. But since they are pretty much just saying "You just need to have belief in our god to believe in our god", or "All it takes to believe in our god is a little belief in our god", I wouldn't take it to heart. more

God Vs. Cock

Many Christians will talk up God and their faith as this beautiful and amazing thing until it comes to lust, and then God goes right out the window. But what else can you expect from such licentious animals that try to worship such a prude God? The children of God love sex, even his little girls love it so much that they would rather have cock inside of them than The Holy Spirit. It's understandible. Sucking dick is much more satsifying then talking to an imaginary friend. more

Talking To Supreme Beings 101

I wonder how many miracles would be reported in about a hundred years if everyone prayed to my toaster instead of their god. Six billion people over the course of a hundred years are bound to have some great stories about how something grand happened after praying to my toaster. You would definitely be hearing stories about how someone was about to die and then they prayed to my toaster and the person ended up living. more

God Damn You're Clever

I remember the first time I heard someone ask "why would you say God damn it, if you don't believe in God?". Actually, I didn't hear it. It was someone else that was told that by someone after saying "God damn it". Afterwards, they told me about it. I was actually a bit skeptical at first that such an event ever happened. more

But I am Special

It's somewhat amusing to watch a system of atoms making fun of the idea that they are related to some other system of atoms. It's kind of like a plastic soldier scoffing at the idea that it is related to a plastic monkey. They're both plastic, they're both made out of the same thing as a plastic dildo. Human's don't have any pride to swallow in the first place.

Humans are created from the digested remains of animal carcasses among other things that were turned into the slop that we call vomit. It is their fuel source and what supplies them with matter to create their cells. Humans get half their DNA from another human's hairy nuts and blood engorged dick. Humans enter this world by squeezing out from in-between their mother's legs through her ripping pussy. Humans are made out of the same atomic particles as shit and herpes.

I am really sorry that a supernatural being didn't pull you out of a magical hat, and that you're related to other creatures that are made of atoms also. It's really sad I know. But nature isn't a fairy-tale, princess.

The Theory of Evolution explains a lot of things. What other idea is there floating around out there that can explain all the things evolution explains? The fossil record is a good example. Why are the remains of the first reptiles in older layers of Earth than those of birds and mammals? Do bones like to organize themselves into a hierarchy just for fun? Do bird fossils prefer to be in newer soil than the early reptilian fossils? Do bones move around and talk to each other when we're not looking?

This is where the conspiracy theories come in. Apparently people that like to dig up bones are under the control of atheists. By the time the human civilization was able to date soil, the atheists had already taken control of their fragile minds. The fossil record is a hoax, all of you can sleep easy now.