The Church of Hellcake

Star of HellCake

The Star of HellCake

The Star of HellCake (also considered the Star of Sidonai) is a 7-pointed star that is the unification of two stars that have collided. It represents alpha/omega and pain/pleasure. At the base of the star these concepts are bound to war, representing the endless fluctuation between both sides. As time moves, things continuously begin and end, and pain/pleasure continuously pushes and pulls us.

This is the outcome of it all, an endless war. Life itself is millions of years of war. The lifeforms of planet Earth, the lifeforms of This Universe, evolved through an unfathomable span of time of creation and destruction. Life has always been at war with both The Universe and itself. You can kill, rape, pillage, save, defend, love, and hate. But you will always be a gear in the engine of war.

The 5 Symbols

Symmetry sometimes appears to be broken. E.g. "I hate to love you" vs "I love to hate you". You can flip the words around, but they're both negative sentiments. If say, half the universe is good and half the universe is evil, and both sides are of equal power, then war is infinite. Pleasure is infinite. Pain is infinite. And here we are, experiencing both. If time is infinite, then there is an eternity before us and an eternity after us. And yet, here we are, still battling across infinity. There is no end to this. No matter what happens, an infinite amount of victories and losses across an infinite past and infinite future results in the here and now. Pain is indestructible. There is no end. War is eternal. Welcome to Hell.

This is an alternative version of the star. Where alpha/omega are found to infinity, representing the same endless shifts and mixing of both stars. And the symbol of war is enlarged near the top, representing again, the outcome of life eating and fucking each other for aeons.

Start of Hellcake #2

The unification does not only represent nature. It also presents embracing pain and pleasure, even if it's only in certain moments in your life, or in only in certain circumstances. Looking back at the symbol of war, it has fangs on the bottom, this symbolizes feeding off of this process. It is the act of drinking from the mixture.

Hellcake is myth, philosophy, science and sadism, and masochism baked into one delicious treat that's not normally meant for human consumption. It's the unloved truths religion tries to hide. It's your beer goggles falling off in the morning. It's reality undressed and cold.