The Church of Hellcake

The Third Realm

And so our journey continues into one my favorite places in The Great Void. This particular place is probably not something you want to think about before you go to sleep at night. So when you go to sleep at night, don't think about it.

It is a commonly held belief that there is a physical realm and a spiritual realm and that the great and wonderful homosapiens are comprised of both in some sense or another. As such, there is a brain and a soul, which are connected to each other in this life, but disconnect after death and the spirit magically lives on.

This belief leads to the idea that if humans cannot currently explain the brain, then there must be an immortal soul to explain the gaps in knowledge. Sounds reasonable right? If you can't explain something, then that something can't be the cause, it must be something else entirely, that you also can't explain... Oh, and souls also just so happen to be immortal and go to cool places like Heaven, Elysium, and Hell.

Spiritual beliefs are commonly invoked as both a way to explain what has not been completely explained and to supply our lovely brains with what could be called super-special explanations. What are those you ask? Those are the way more meaningful sounding explanations. They are the ones that have a slick neato-spark to them, that those regular old mathemagical and sciency explanations do not.

This handy-dandy spiritual realm cannot be falsified. You cannot disprove the afterlife. You cannot disprove this second realm beyond the first realm (physical). But what if we had a third realm that cannot be disproved? Wouldn't that be fun? Don’t you just love not disproving things?

Since we are delving into the Great Void, lets go deeper. We often add a spiritual realm to denounce the scientific explanations of the physical one. Let's take a step further and add another unfalsifiable realm to denounce the explanations of the spiritual one. There's nothing like an shiny new existential crisis to put a smile on your face.

The Mega-Matrix

Imagine you believe that when you die, your spirit goes on into the afterlife, and you get to see your friends, family, and dead dog. You believe you'll meet God and you get to spend the rest of your existance doing... whatever it is that could possibly keep you happy for an eternity. And then... BAM, it happens. You die and everything you believed it comes true.

Now imagine you find out that, oops, you're just an NCP (non-playable character) in a highly advanced virtual world being ran on a powerful server(s). You're just a program (i.e. virtual ape brain). The server admin tells you this, because he wants to see the look on your face before he shuts the server down.

The physical realm (1st) and spiritual realm (2nd) could be running on a physical server somewhere (3rd). It could be a server created by a being from a our universe, a similar universe, or from a completely different universe with an extra dimension(s). Either way, it's not falsifiable.

These beings, human or otherwise, could run servers with a single god, multiple gods, no gods (just spirits), magic, souls, heavens, hells, wizards, witches, vampires, angels, demons, imps, and faries. They could include an afterlife and even an after-afterlife, wherein if your soul is destroyed you simply become part of a light where you experience nirvana for as long as the server runs.

Or rather than being a program you could be a brain in a vat,, wherein everything you experience through your senses (i.e. the entire outside world) is actually being directly inputed into your brain via electric signals. Since this is what everything looks like before your brian processes it anyways, you'd be none the wiser. This is called the Brain In The Vat Hypothesis, and was a plotline for the movie The Matrix.

Mysteries Of Life Theme Pack

Hello Sir, what dress should I wear with my belief system? Oh, and my friend is a Wiccan, do you think they'll like this necklace?

Untestable explanations don't have to have a spiritual theme, they can have a science-fiction theme too. Don't you like it when your magical explanations follow a cool theme? If you're going to explain the mysteries of the cosmos via untestable explanations, you might as well make it fashionable.

So what theme do you choose? There are tons of spiritual themes, Christian spirituality is very different from Buddhist spirituality. There are plenty of science fiction themes, you could go with human scientists or alien scientists, or alien scientists from other dimensions. It could look more cyber or more industrial. Would you rather worship a god(s) or admin(s)? You could even do a nice hybrid theme, that combines science and magic in new and exciting ways.

So remember kids, just because someones unfalsifiable belief system doesn't have the same theme as yours, that doesn't make it any less unfalsifiable. Neither does how fasionable the current theme is (ahem Christianity). The Great Void does not discriminate, every crazy bird can nest here.

The Metaspiritual

The third realm doesn’t have to be a server of course. It could simply be deeper spirituality and more powerful magic, that "explains" or overrides your own spiritual/magical beliefs. It could be super-supernatural. The regular spiritual world could be a dream within a dream within a dream. Your god could be the product of another god that your god does not know about.

While I take it to the extreme, it doesn't have to be extreme. If someone tells you GodX did it, you could say GodY god did it. No metaspirituality required, just an alternative unfalsifiable explanation. This just adds another layer, so you could also say, well GodZ created GodX, but GodX does not know that. Or perhaps he does, but only in a similar way humans understand GodX.

Unfalsifiable Tier Wars

The idea of a second and third realm could go on and on. The third realm could be explained by a fourth realm, which in turn is explained by a fifth realm, and so on. It's an infinite stack of pancakes that you could consume for the rest of your life.

You can get carried away in The Great Void, as you should. When exploring the unfalsifiable to such great depths, you have to ask, what is natural, supernatural, and super-supernatural? What is physical, spiritual, and metaspiritual? What is magic, greater magic, and super-greater magic? What really constitutes as an explanation? What kind of explanation is "God did it", or "Some guy running a server did it"? Where does this line of reasoning end?