The Church of Hellcake

Sidonai - The Unholy Playground

Sidonai is the god of sin and truth. He is also known as the lord of sin, the blood god, the shadow god, the devil, and likely has many other cool names that I've never heard of. If you want to know how to be in his favor, minimize aggressive stupidity, and don't worship gods that are against fornication.

Sidonai being a god of truth, does not operate like Loki, he does not seek complete madness and confusion. He and his children take away illusion. They destroy them, even when the truth hurts. And the truth is, Sidonai is also a god of sin, so if you run into him, he probably won't be baking you any cookies.

The Unholy Playground

Welcome to yet another lovely place in The Great Void. While all realms/universes touched by Loki is considered The World Remix, all that is touched by Sidonai is considered The Unholy Playground. To make matters more confusing the two overlap quite often. Loki is focused on creating illusion, and Sidonai is focused on destroying illusion.

In one universe you may die and go to Heaven, meet the Christian God in some form or another that Loki created, and then Sidonai will come down and decapitate said God right before you. Tada! Sidonai and his children are hunters/predators and they like to play with their food, including the gods of their food.

So... even if you die, go to Heaven, and meet an all-loving God, he may end up getting decapitated. After that who knows, maybe he'll send all of you to Hell and feed you to his children. Unfortunately since science and religion can't disprove gods that are deeper inside The Great Void, you're just going have to add it to your list of shit that could happen. By the way, how is that list coming along?

Protection Ward

Sidonai and his children/demons don't seek to rule, they seek to indulge. But being a god of wisdom, there is a protection ward you can use to make it less likely for one of his demons to rip out your spine and fuck your family with it. It's not any easy spell though. It's called critical thinking. Learn it as best as you can.

Think of it like you think of cows, which humans like to eat the flesh of. If one of the cows you were about to eat started reading a book, wouldn't you... perhaps choose a different cow to eat?


This part of The Great Void has now been explained. Everything after this point is just a bit of lore, incase you want to know more about beings that want to tempt you, seduce you, and possibly eat you.

The Children of Sidonai

Blood demons are similar to vampires. Their true form is that of a demon, but they are shapeshifters. They prey and feed on the blood of animals, including the human animal, under the cover of night. The purpose for your universe, including your existence may be nothing more than to entertain his children.

You could also say they are similar to cats, like a panther. They are beautiful, dangerous, and like to play with their food. Having critical thinking skills can also allow you to win their favor and avoid being a meal. Nothing gets them more hot than aggressive stupidity, and when they get hot, they do a lot of nightmarish soul sucking.


What would a religion be without punishment? Well, this isn't quite punishment. It's more like, if they like you, they'll take you off the menu. Like a goat. If you're good little goat or human, then you get to stay off the menu, and maybe become a pet instead.

When it comes to hunter/prey, his children must follow certain rules. Animals that are deemed worthy, such as abiding by the the virtues and vices of HellCake, are off the menu. If one were to ignore this rule, then their powers may be suspended until they die in the world they are currently occupying or terminated indefinitely. So your typical Christian often makes a good snack.

And as always, remember, they're supernatural creatures and you can't disprove them. They live deeper in The Great Void than any of your other religions.