The Church of Hellcake

The World Remix

This is a place where truth is fiction and fiction is truth and truth is truth and fiction is fiction. This is a place where the unfalsifiable god Loki has so deeply twisted the underlying physics of reality, that all we know is uncertain, and who we are is an illusion.

Magic Injection

Loki likes to interfer with universes both created and not created by it. Say a universe has existed for 20 billion years and every supernatural experience could be explained by boring things, like you just seeing things, not thinking straight, and remembering things wrong. In such a universe, Loki may make one of those encounters supernatural. Loki may do it just once in its entire lifetime.

That is to say, that in some of these universes, including Earth universes that are exactly like ours, all religious stories, ghost stories, faeries, monsters, spiritual experiences and miracles are fictitious, except for one which did happen. It could be Noah's flood or the monster someone's kid saw in their closet. Someone, somewhere, will have seen the only supernatural event that ever happened in the billions of years of their universe's existence.

This means that even if you were to prove that such things were impossible, that doesn't mean it happened once. And that one person could be someone who spoke to you about, someone you dismissed. What does this say about truth? What does it say about inference and models?

It doesn't have to be just one time, it could be a couple times, a few times, or millions of times. When Loki injects a universe in this way, there is no way to tell how many times it has occurred. There more than one Earth universes, and some may have more injection than others.

Religion Injection

What about injecting an entire religion into a universe? In some Earth universes, Christianity is the true religion. Loki has taken it upon itself to create Heaven, Hell, God (Yahweh) and The Devil (Satan). In another Earth universe, the Islamic religion is true. However, in the end, Loki is the only real god. Loki is the only true god. All other omnipotent gods are fakes. This cannot be disproved. This is a unfalsifiable belief.

In The World Remix, many of the Earth universes are physically identical. The 21st century looks exactly the same as one where no religion is true or Christianity is true or Islamic doctrine is true. For instance, the experience of being filled with The Holy Ghost in both of these Earth universes are the same. It is only the origin that differs. In one universe, it is the brain, in another, it is God. So while the inner world of experience is the same, the outer world differs invisibly to humans themselves.

In some Earth universes, ghosts are real. However, the actual sightings of these ghosts remain the same in all of the worlds, whether the ghosts are illusions or not. Because of this, there is no way to tell the difference between a real ghost or a fake ghost, the sightings of fake ghosts are not different than the sightings of real ghosts, per the underlying physics of those universes.

Evil Transposition

The fun doesn't stop there. One of the many experiments that Loki performs is one that shifts the blame. Loki will take what is thought of as "evil" and move it from person to person.

For instance, Loki will freeze the entire universe except for one person. This one person usually has something wrong with them, it will be an ugly old man or some disfigured burn victim with no skin. Loki offer them a deal, Loki will give them a wonderful life with a beautiful wife and tons of money. But there is always a catch. For instance, sometimes Loki tells them that there is a 40% chance that a serial killer will kill his wife who you will be deeply in love with. You will have no memory of this deal we made, you will have no memory of me.

If the wife does end up being killed by the serial killer, the husband usually ends up despising the serial killer, he sees him as a disgusting, worthless and evil human being. Eventually Loki may restore his memories and the husband finds out that he brought this upon her.

Every person is guilty of rape, murder, pedophilia and other crimes in at least one parallel universe. In at least one parallel universe, everyone has a twin that believes in Loki, through magical interferences.

You Cannot Disprove Loki

Because Loki is unfalsifiable, someone can claim that they did see something supernatural and it's possible that they saw the only thing that ever was supernatural in the billions of years that universe has existed. No evidence will ever be able to disprove this. Even if this person later said they were lying, he could easily be living in one of the Earth universes where Loki altered their memories, to the intential lie is an actual truth. These types of universes also exist in the trillions as well.

Everyone who has seen God, everyone who has seen a ghost, everyone who has felt The Holy Spirit, everything that has ever happened to anyone, is real in some universes, and not in others. However, the experience remains the same, it is only the underlying physics that differs.

In Loki's world, not even evil can be known. Every murderer, rapist and tyrant that has ever existed, is not guilty in at least one universe, but all universes are identical as deeply as human senses can reach. And every supernatural event ever recorded, is true in at least one of these universes.

This is the will of Loki. A god of confusion and trickery. It is by the great command of Loki that truth, is to be so warped, mangled, and twisted, that it means nothing in The World Remix.