The Idol of Sin


Hearts eat hearts.

Game of Hearts

Truth... for human beings is something best questioned when it has a place in anyone elses heart but their own. Humans have been latching onto each others throats for thousands of years, trying to tell each other what the truth is, who is right and wrong, what is real and not real, which god(s) exist, what is moral, what is evil, and where people go when they die. What one human feels must be true in their heart and bones, is what another human contradicts with their own mindset.

There are those who seek to believe and those who seek to understand. Some hold onto their beliefs to the ends of the Earth, while other go to the ends of the Earth to discover new beliefs. Some will dismiss all other beliefs and gods that contradict their own heart's worldview, because they "just know it's true". And others will abandon this ancient species of faith, and will no longer trump the beliefs of others with their passionate and careless hearts. They will, instead, judge all beliefs as they judge their own, not as they judge a strangers. They will no longer weigh their beliefs against others beliefs, by tipping the scales with their hearts, bias, and faith.

Most will create and live inside of their own truth and name it "The World". They will imagine all else to be strange. For them, their personal faith is more than personal, it defines reality for all of us.

When No One Prays

Did you know that someone who is so close to death, that not even human intervention could pull them away, can still be saved? If you get on your knees and put your hands together, and ask their god to save them, he just might listen to your pleas. You've probably seen something like this acted out on a TV show before. A women finds her husband laying on the floor bleeding. He's been stabbed five times and she isn't sure if he is going to live or not. At this point she doesn't stop to pray of course. Instead, she dials 911.

Once he is safely transported to the hospital, the doctors start to do what they can to save his life. At this point she is probably hoping that her god will save him. Faith always comes second to the power of man. Once the doctors are done using their natural powers, you can be sure she will pray for her husband. It's the same scenario every time. Man does what he can and then crosses his fingers. Man does what he can and then prays. Man does what he can and then wears his underwear backwards for good luck and then kisses the cross that hangs from his neck. The crosses and crossed fingers always come second to what really matters.

As it turns out, the husband dies but comes back to life just as his wife's prayer for him at his bedside gets interesting. This of course is the work of their god. The doctors are baffled, the wife is in tears, the husband saw an angel, and everyone knows that it was a miracle that brought him back to life. The recovery couldn't be explained any other way. And as we all know, if man can't explain something then it must be the work of their god. He is truly a god of ignorance, a mythical being that is stuffed inside all of the holes and cracks of knowledge.

Even if you don't believe that the god they worship exists, you may find yourself appreciating the passion that some of the believers show. But then ask yourself, if that same women came across nothing but the bits and pieces of flesh from her child spread across a kitchen floor, do you think she would open her heart once more to her god? Do you think she would drop to her knees, slowly putting her delicate and shivering hands together, and cry out "God, my Lord, my Father in Heaven, please don't take my child away"? Do you think for one second that she would actually believe her child may come back to life just like her husband did?

When fatal wounds exceed the healing powers of mere mortals beyond any doubt, do you think she will witness the awesome power of her god? Where is that beautiful thing called faith, when the ugly truth reveals itself? Where is that thing that they speak of so highly?

The religious feed off of the questionable. When confronted by that which is undeniable, you will not see the hand of any man's god at work. They hold onto faith like a child's teddy bear, it protects them from the darkness, but not from what lurks within it.