The Selected Animal


Num num. Can you hear it? It's the vestigial rodent... The vermiform appendix, tail bone, and wisdom teeth of your brain, are scratching on the back walls of your frontal lobe. They're tugging on your neuro-pathways like whining pups and a tiny cecum dreaming of cellulose.

What Is All-Natural?

Nature is not just your Aloe lotion, vitamin E face cream, or your boar bristle hairbrush. It's not just rainbows, trees, deers, and bunny rabbits. Nature almost whiped out all life on Earth, millions of years before humans even existed. The concepts "natural" and "unnatural" is separated by a thin line that isn't even drawn straight.

Nature in day to day conversation is a hazy category invented by humans that gets treated as gospel. Mix a few natural things together to make a nice facial cream and you've made something that is "all-natural". Good for you, you're a cute little human with feelings. Now, you mix a few natural things together (e.g. saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur) that makes something that goes BOOM and you have created something that is "unnatural". Congratulations, you've taken one step away from nature because your natural concoction can't be sold at a beauty store or spread all over someone's ugly face. Welcome to the next level of human scum.

Worthless & Free

Love thyself can become an exhausting phrase. It can become a burden. The things you need can become a burden. Let's take a break from your dreams, inner beauty, and pride. You have no more purpose than bacteria, trees, or fish. You have no more meaning than the things you eat. You are just a chain of chemical reactions, with shoes and a haircut.

Man is the result of a purposeless and natural process that did not have him in mind.

George Gaylord Simpson (1902 - 1984), American paleontologist

Pleasure From The Sacrifice of Others

People kill animals for three major reasons: sport, clothes, and food. All three reasons are purely for pleasure. You do not need to kill and eat other creatures to survive, you do this because their dead bodies taste good in your mouth. Saying that it's ok to kill an animal because you need food, is like saying it's ok to kill an animal if you wear it, because you need clothes. You can wear jeans and eat mixtures of plants to keep you kickin. You simply just don't want to. You are not morally superior to hunters that kill purely for pleasure or people that wear fur coats purely for pleasure. And the end of the day, it's all about personal pleasure at the expense of another beings life. That's how animals operate.

If someone does not put what they just killed into their mouth so they can savor the taste of its carcass, that doesn't make them more of an asshole than you. And better to kill an animal for a single coat that can last you for years, rather than for something you're just going to chew up in your mouth for a few minutes and then blow out your ass the next day. Turning animals into shit because they taste good is not more moral than turning them into coats because they look good. It's time to wake up, we're not children of an all-loving God, we're a bunch of animals eating each other.

Being Civilized

The Selected Animal

Modern humans are expected to behave with class in today's technologically advanced society. We are no longer animals running around naked with spears. When you go to a restaurant to feast on the fleshy carcasses of some dead animal, you make sure you have pants on. There is proper etiquette to tearing flesh from bone. It's not eating corpses that makes you savage, it's your table manners.

If you think about it, wolves are far less savage in some ways. They don't wear pants, have table manners, or use napkins, but they eat free range food. Humans treat their food supply like garbage, they're manufactured in cages until they are ready to be slaughtered.

On top of that they don't even have the guts to kill an animal themselves, they need someone else to do it for them, because they don't want to look in their eyes or have the blood on their hands. And even when a human gets their meat naturally by hunting free range animals, it confuses some people so much that they see them as morally inferior to them. Doesn't matter if it's for sport or for food, they're so convinced of their moral superiority that nothing else computes [example].

Morality & Natural Selection

Lady Bug Sex Bonobos Having Sex Sperm and Egg

Animals are shaped by natural selection. If an animal who required meat to survive felt so bad about killing for food, that it stopped eating, then it wouldn't pass on its genes. It wouldn't live to procreate. Whatever gene or genes were responsible for the behavior would die with that animals kindness. This is how it works with sexual attraction, taste in food, other social behaviors, and on and on and on. It's even been found that the smell of sweat that a human prefers over another, is correlated to how genetically similar they are to the person who the smell is coming from.

Consider incest and pedophilia. In general humans don't fuck their brothers and sisters. In general, animals don't do this either. Why is that? Do dolpins, penguins, and birds have a built-in sense of objective morality bestowed upon them by God? Did God make sure they generally fucked each other in a moral fashion? Is it magic? Nope.

You see, part of the point of sexual reproduction is to mix genes. Now, if you fucked yourself, you wouldn't really be mixing anything, would you? Your siblings, well, they're too similar to you. And after generations of fucking your siblings, your descendents would become retarded.

Now imagine if evolution worked differently. What if, your descedents became retarded if you didn't fuck your siblings? If that were the case, then people would think fucking non-family members was disgusting and immoral. Why do you ask? Because the ones that believed what we believe today, would have created retarded offspring who would have never survived to pass on their "fucking-your-sibblings-is-gross-as-all-hell" gene. And I would be writing about how smashing your genitals with your siblings is only believed to be the only moral sex because of natural selection, and you would be shaking your head no, thinking to yourself "That is absolute nonsense, fucking people who are not your siblings is pure evil".

You gotta think about it like the first time you got laid. You gotta go: 'Daddy, are you sure this is right?'

Tank Girl from Tank Girl (1995) IMDB

This is the universe we live in. Where the nature of our feelings are tied to the physical mechanics of survival. Of course, someone could use this as an argument as to why morals can only come from God. But then, if evolution worked differently, then we would have invented Gods that think differently. Alas, inventing Gods would fail us yet again.