The Selected Animal


Hell-O Blood

Life is one big, long, goofy commercial, that sells morals, lifestyles, and love, with hate, smiles, and lies. The actors are convinced that they're real and try to comprehend you sometimes. After awhile your brain waves start to do flips, and you want to be a serial killer when you grow up. The lights in everyone's eyes burn out, and you feel like clawing at your face every time your dolls start to play with you. Like the colors your brain paints over light frequencies, you eventually find the human soul, painted over clueless animals. The mystery dissipates. Their expressions become chemical reactions. You can't stop staring at the seams. You can't stop listening to the persistent clicking. Then you see your imaginary god standing there with some glue, still waving goodbye to you in the distance, like a dying fish flapping in the dirt.

Fuzzy Serial Killer

Like a silly little kitten, he may rip other animals apart, and play with their tiny left over pieces. One day you may find your furniture ruined, and your family strewn all over the house. He may even leave a piece for you at your bedroom door if he likes you enough.

Nature Does Not Love You

Humans always think that the things they label as being natural are better than them. Nature kills things, but man does it in bad way. Man is the bad guy. Man is going to kill the Earth and all the poor innocent creatures on it, that are fucking and killing each other. Man isn't in balance with nature, he rapes the lands, watches T.V. and eats cheese puffs.

When it comes to nature, balance is a flame that is destined to burn out. Nature is going to destroy the Earth and every living thing on it. Supernovas weren't invented by Microsoft or Google. Oh... but wait, humans made the atom bomb! Oh no, I am a scary human with a device so fucking weak that it would take the power of over a million of them to just equal the destructive force of a large rock flying through fucking outer space! That's right, all your evil destructive human technology can't even amount to 1% of the destructive power contained in one of nature's giant flying rocks. You're not a threat to the cosmos, you're a silly little monkey.

Nature created all life, and every beautiful landscape that tree huggers drool over and try to save, and it is going to take it all away. What man doesn't destroy, nature will. Nature isn't your little cuddle buddy. It doesn't make shit so you can draw pictures of it and try to save it from evil corporations. Nature doesn't want your protection, friendship, or admiration. It doesn't want you to cry over dead dolphins and dried up rivers. Nature doesn't want humans to hold its hand. Nature doesn't give a shit about what you or any other human thinks it is beautiful. Do you think you're doing nature a favor by saving the rain forest? If you don't destroy it, then eventually an all-natural asteroid is going come over destroy it for you and your kids. Unlike you, nature doesn't think anything is too beautiful to destroy. Nothing is to furry or to cute to suffocate, mutilate, obliterate or annihilate.

Almost every bit of nature; the supernovas, asteroids, black holes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, molten lava, radon, uranium and the cold vacuum of space does not care if shit dies. So you can put your tits away and stop babying The Universe, because over 99% of it would kill you.